Monday, June 29, 2009

baby sitting duty

I'm having today and tomorrow off as i'm baby sitting my niece ava (just 4) and noah who's one and a half - i thought i could do some study - but the realities of full time caring for kids sank in and it's only now - (noah in bed and ava occupied by tv) that i get a chance to work. Went to the park earlier and got ava to do the syncronized traveling - it worked for the first two steps but then it went to more "where can you see a two or a seven" "I don't know what they look like!" "how about a sign or some writing" and instead of the 100 paces etc it was more "whats your favourite things?" so it wasn't as faithful as i thought but it was fun. We tried to do it again but it ended in fights over the rocking horse (find a place to sit) so it was time to go home. I'm exausted and its only 2pm. and got to do it tomorrow. Have been looking into public art - reading a great book enitiled "Dialouges in Public Art" by Tom Finkelpearl - which is what i want to write my essay on for michael downs class. As for jaques class Im thinking of doing something to do with collective memory (i think its jung?) mmmm better start reading

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day one

1. leaving by the back door -uggh- rainy

2. Gardens in the roof

3. Turning left into certain wetness

4. sitting here would equal a wet bum

5. I thought it was funny - bus sticker on a car - oh the irony

6. could i get more 2's?

7. 100 paces and i wish i brought a brolly

8. these are red leaves - too wet to take a better photo

9. Grooowwrrr

10. a lot shiner in person

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

post review

I am so tired - was ill all last week and didn't take good care of myself on the weekend AND its rainy so i'm trying not to feel lazy.

Review was ok - I felt better with my ideas and presentatio going into it than I did with the mini one with Lynne and Marge. Was intresting to get some feedback from Charles and Michael who were unfamilar with my work. It ultimatly lead to the point of "Now What" - you have all this stuff which is intresting in itself but how is it going to all work together? I've been researching people and looking at Susan Hiller's work - I like the way that she involves people in her work - but as I was thinking about things I realised that I can't really rely on people to do the projects that I have layed out for them - so whats another way?

I'm going to set myself challanges that become my rituals - something that I do everyday and collect the evidence from. I was thinking that every morning I would do the 10 sychronized travel steps, but rather than just taking a photo I give myself a preset challage - draw a picture for every stage. Take a self portrait at every stage and so on, collect an item from each stage ect.

Utimatly I want to end up with boxes and boxes of archived material that is stored within the computer and in storage / archive boxes and books.

- - - -

Thursday, June 4, 2009

pics of drawings

been drawing the objects that i dug up;

Oh too much reading!

For the last two days its been a bit of struggle trying to reconcile what I'm doing with what I'm thinking - and the ethereal ideas that I had earlier don't seem substantial enough at this point.

I'm please with how things have progressed this far - but I just need to clarify what i'm doing.

I looked into other artists that use a collaborative expericance

Learning to Love You More
- a site that poses a series of assignments for followers to participate in and they publish the results online and more recently in a book

The Tract House
a artwork inviting people to submit their own manifesto that was printed up into tract (advertising cards it looks like) that were distributed

and PostSecret where people are invited to post in anonymously a hand made post card with shares a secret ranging from the bizarre to the painful.