Wednesday, September 9, 2009

All postcards out in the wide world

So all the post cards are out in the big wide world - i have about 25 or so cards that have come back, it's exciting to get mail everyday.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Postcards Back! Review

have managed to give out most of the 90 postcards and a steady trickle of them are coming back.

Had a review with lynne and marg in the project space on thursday with the other drawning honours kids and we worked together to make the room look like a group exhibition, rather than taking just a wall each as we had done when we set up in the am. Then we had another review with roger, charles and lynne again.
Both days were exausting both physically in the hanging of the drawings but also looking at how all my work is going to hold together as one body of work -

To tie it all together we decided a branding of identy would be in order, so we looked at the different ways that this could be achived. A stamp looked like it could be a good choice. A stamp that could literally brand the boxes, drawings, postcards, etc etc etc

postcards how they would appear in the catalouge