Monday, July 13, 2009

The link to that boltanski info:

final scanned drawing:


So still looking at how things are going to all fit together - got some shelving units from bunnings (only $22 each so not a huge waste if they are not used) and have started stacking the boxes up on them, they are all covered in brown paper - but different types of brown paper. I looked at archiving systems and they seemed too sterile for what i wanted to archive. Found this work by boltanski - Archives of the Carnegie International, 1896-1991 (1991)

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Have compleated three of the 10 drawings that I want to do - there are actually 5 on the go but i think the first two are beyond redemption so will redo it. I'm going to take these and scan them then print them out onto card, cut them up into post card size address them to myself and then put them in an envelope and send them to people.

They will already have the postage on them and I'll invite people to do something to them - write me a note, colour it in, stick a sticker on it, cur a hole in it and then send back to me.

too many things

Ryan (boyfriend) told me that bunnings had some metal shelves that i wanted for 23 dollars - bought one - it's a bit smaller than what i want but I think if i buy three it will make more of an impact.

Its a bit of a struggle to do the synchronised traveling everyday but I am finding new nooks and crannies around my neighbourhood and school etc. Trying had to keep it organized. the flickr site was well worth paying the extra $30 US to have heaps more space.

Things have died off a bit with others contributions to synchronized travel - a lot of people say they will do it - and I'm sure that they will someday but I think that life gets in the way! Am starting an email campaign to encourage slackers! While it is a pain to do it everyday day its so nice to explore your surrounds rather than just walking through it.

Thought as it was the first of the month yesterday that I would start a new thing of taking a photograph of my left hand as this is where i write my things to remember.