Monday, February 22, 2010

full time work is exhausting

Its hard working......I am a wuss for work.....first day of week two and I'mm ready to hide under the covers and sleep the day away.
but...this isn't how it works, apparently.
So this is where I am working which is at least a little related.

So on the horizon - BRENDA MAY GALLERY

they have a paper show that I was lucky enough to get accepted into.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

you find it or you dont find it

so this is the gallery that I have a drawing in at the moment.


I put in a work entitled 100 paces - i neglected to take a pic of it - but I am sure that it hasn't sold so will pop one up here when i get it back -

the gallery is great, I hadn't been there and saw that they were looking for works that were created in 2010 - it was the first proper drawing for the year. The idea was that i was to explore what was 100 steps from my door. A smaller version of syc travel

Hello 2010

so its a new year and I have a few things going on so i thought that i would start up the blog again to keep my thoughts in order.

Firstly I was lucky enough to score an internship to the NT for 10 weeks to work in an aboriginal arts community

Secondly I got accepted into the paper works show at Brenda May Gallery which is very exciting.

Third - alice and i have a show at xavier space

4th - a show with alice and vanya at Stairwell gallery

I'm currently in a show at ESP gallery in marrickville which was a great motivator to start the year off.

Will expand on the above at a later date.