Monday, January 23, 2012

New Pics and works in progress

Below is an extract from my application for Fraser Studio Residency:

The Home series will be a carry on from work that I have undertaken previously at Fraser Studios. While drawing remains my main medium – more recently, I have been exploring installation, using my drawing practice as a basis of the works. For Sculpture in the Vineyards, I created an installation entitled “Ikuntji Views” I’d like to follow this line of investigation to explore the notion of home.
Using the shape of the circle for its symbolic connotations of enclosure, as well as introducing a bird motif (for their symbolism in relation to home/nesting - birds have always been a common feature of my drawing), I am creating computer-routed plywood circle frames with layered Duraclear prints face mounted to clear acrylic and lit from behind, to create warm, layered, glowing portals of memories and essence of home. 

This is a mock up of what I am doing - the ply needs to be sanded - something that I won't be doing till they are glued together - there is a hot spot of light that will be absorbed by the layer of opal acrylic \that isn't in place. 

layered without the wooden circles

Close up  - 

side view (needs sanding!!) It sits 60mm proud of the wall

front of the work - it's 220mm in diameter-  not the best photo - trying to get a balance so you can see the pictures on the film which ends up having a really nice 3d layered effect - There will be eight of them - one for each of the houses that I have lived in.

The imagery will come from my drawings - photos and textures that relate to these home and the feelings that they evoked along with written memories of the houses.
 The birds come from birds that were around my house or were present in my house.