Monday, May 25, 2009


Things have been happening slowly and slowly over the last two weeks in the studio - ive got about 18 people to do the travel photos. Ive been drawing from them using a gridded map format of the basis from them playing on that idea of travel and how we map - record or log our experiences

I planned to make 10 drawings/maps one reflective of each step of teh sychronized travelling steps.

After the drawing was finished I wanted to fold the paper into a - folded map - I tried it with the thicker paper - stonehenge that i used alot last year - but it tended to rip rather than fold - i then used canson paper - a cream colour that was flexible enough to fold but warped when i used any water or paint on it which i was useing to lighten the photocopy transfers - I got a big posca poster pen that put a fine layer of paint over them instead to eliviate the warping - when i finished one drawing I folded it - and it looked a bit underwhemling - so have so have continued on with the maps but not folding them as of yet

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A brand new day

After going a little stir crazy yesterday I'm keen to get back in the studio and start drawing - it feels like it has been ages since i put pencil to paper and drew - my life seems to be consumed with reading and cataloging o going to start on the maps today.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Map Making

I found a blog that was devoted to all things maps and have found the below artist through this blog - The Map Room and also found through that site this site - Hand Drawn Map Association which is a site they are collecting a collection of maps : As a new feature here at the HDMA, we're inviting various individuals to curate a collection of 10 things. These things will include hand drawn maps, links to map related resources, and general investigations of the importance of place in our lives.

Emma McNally


I'm ill today with the flu so i thought it might be a good chance to catch up with blogs and adress a few things that have been floating around- the Drum Media Ad didn't give me the huge swell of numbers that i naively thought it would - but in spite of that I've had 9 people upload their photos and a few people like Ryan and Rob who have done them and need to upload them so its on is way.

I was looking at creating maps from them - drawing in my own style - with the photocopy transfers etc but with the idea of maps and travel, so this morning I'm looking at artists that deal with maps - found this artist on a blog all about maps ;

Val Britton
“Based on road maps of the U.S., routes my father often traveled, and an invented conglomeration, mutation, and fragmentation of those passageways, my works on paper help me piece together the past and make up the parts I cannot know.” From the interview: “I was looking at an old atlas my family had given me, and I discovered that these maps resonated with me and the stories of my father’s travels. Elements of these maps had the potential to be the jumping off points for my images.” At right: constellation #1 (2009), 16"×16½", ink, collage, graphite, and gouache on paper.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Alice sent me this quote:

Arturo Herrera

Mixed media collage on paper, 12 x 9 inches
Courtesy Sikkema Jenkins & Co., New York

"I’m more interested in [the personal] aspect of the visual language, how an image can speak to you in a very touching way that is both charged with knowledge and with memory. It can trigger so many associations because it’s not clear about what it’s trying to say- but you actually attach yourself to the work, and it becomes experience."
- Arturo Herrera
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